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How do I pick teams

Submitting Picks - Players

Office Pool Pick Sheet

Picking teams in your office pool is simple. After logging in, access the My Picks page (see screenshot below), then click on the teams you want to select. Be sure to hit the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the picks page when done. The Picks Submitted page will inform you if you forgot to pick any of the games. You will also be sent an email of your picks. If you do not want the email, you can disable this via My Profile

If you have already submitted picks, you should be able to resubmit them for games that haven't started, provided your league's deadline hasn't occurred. Your manager also has a setting called 'Pick Grace Period', which is the number of hours after a player makes picks that they can resubmit them. If your manager has 'Grace Period' set to 0, then you can only submit picks once. Check with your manager if you do not believe your league should be configured that way. Such a low 'Grace Period' setting is typically only used in Play Money pools where managers want the behavior to be similar to a sports book where you can't change your mind after making picks.

We also provide a free blank football pick sheet for those who do not want to run their pool online but instead prefer to print the weekly pick sheet and distribute it to their NFL pick'em league or weekly college pick'em pool.

Football Pick Sheet

Submitting Picks - Managers

Managers can submit picks for players in their league anytime, including after the deadline, and for prior weeks. Future weeks picks can be submitted provided their league is in Premium Mode
To submit picks for players, go to Manager -> Submit Player Picks
Manager Submit Picks for Player
NOTE: When a manager submits picks for other players, a time-stamped 'Picks Submitted for player name'  message is recorded in the Manger Change Log that all players can access (the log location for players is on the Settings -> League Settings page toward the bottom).

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