Tournament Bracket Sizes

Tournament Bracket Sizes

Fillable Tournament Brackets

There are numerous ways to use our website to build a tournament bracket for your league. The most common way is to go straight to our Bracket Maker page and build your tourney from scratch. If you already know the size of your bracket (the number of teams in your bracket), you can use the array below to select the size of the tournament you want. From there you can further customize your tournament bracket. Our bracket generator is intuitive, but if you are looking for details you can visit our blog article How to Make a Tournament Bracket or watch our 5-minute video tutorial.

Run Your Tournament as an Office Pool

A powerful feature we offer that  you won't find anywhere else on the internet is the ability to run your tournament as an office pool! That is, you can invite whoever you want to predict how the tournament will go by filling out a bracket before the tournament starts. You could view it as your own March Madness tournament where bystanders and spectators can have a stake in the tournament even if they are not participating in it. As manager of the tournament, as you enter the winner in for each game, each player's bracket in your office pool will be graded and the results shown on a standings page for your pool. For more details see our Custom Bracket League page.

Our single elimination bracket sizes
4 Team Bracket5 Team Bracket6 Team Bracket7 Team Bracket8 Team Bracket9 Team Bracket10 Team Bracket
11 Team Bracket12 Team Bracket13 Team Bracket14 Team Bracket15 Team Bracket16 Team Bracket17 Team Bracket
18 Team Bracket19 Team Bracket20 Team Bracket21 Team Bracket22 Team Bracket23 Team Bracket24 Team Bracket
25 Team Bracket26 Team Bracket27 Team Bracket28 Team Bracket29 Team Bracket30 Team Bracket31 Team Bracket
32 Team Bracket64 Team BracketMarch Madness Bracket

Our double elimination bracket sizes
4 Team Double Elimination5 Team Double Elimination6 Team Double Elimination7 Team Double Elimination8 Team Double Elimination
9 Team Double Elimination10 Team Double Elimination11 Team Double Elimination12 Team Double Elimination13 Team Double Elimination
14 Team Double Elimination15 Team Double Elimination16 Team Double Elimination

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