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League deadline

Office Pool Pick Deadline

The league deadline set by the manager is a HARD deadline, after this you cannot make or change picks for that week. If there is a game before the league's deadline, such as a Thursday night game, players can pick the Thursday game up to the moment of kickoff. Once any game starts it is immediately grayed out on the picks sheet. If you previously picked a game that has started, it is locked in and you can't change it (your Manager does have the capability to override the pick). You also cannot change a pick if you are past the pick grace period even if its before the deadline.

Another way to look at it is this. Every game is its own hard deadline to pick that game. The software will never allow a player to pick a game after it starts. The HARD deadline that you set in the settings page is when players can no longer submit picks even if the game is still in the future.

Some managers set the league deadline to Monday night, which in essence makes each game its own deadline to pick. For Pickem leagues, managers can also set the deadline to 'x' number of minutes before each game starts:

For survivor and play money leagues, league managers have the additional option to either have your picks display the moment the picked game starts, or after the league deadline (default):

Your league deadline is displayed at the top of the Picks page, and on the Settings -> League settings page. 

Additional Information:
  1. Once the hard deadline is hit, all player's picks are exposed on the Standings page.  Until then, only when a game starts are the picks for that game exposed. 
  2. Managers can submit picks for a past or present game despite the deadline setting, but they can only do so via the Manager -> Submit Picks For Player screen, which also records the event in the Manager log that all players have access to on the Settings -> League Settings page.
  3. Even if a player tries to camp out on the Picks page before a game starts, then tries to submit the pick sometime after the start of the game, the submit portion of the code re-verifies that the game hasn't yet started. If it has, an error is returned to the user that they cannot pick a game that is already in progress.

Manager FAQ

Question: "On some Sunday's we have games in England that start @ 9:30 PM EST. I currently have the time set for the regular start time of 1 PM EST on Sunday. How would that work for those England weeks? Do I need to adjust the time?"
Answer: You don't need to adjust the deadline, just leave it at 1PM EST Sunday. Players will need to pick the early England game before it starts (basically the kickoff for any game before your hard deadline is the deadline for that game). If they don't pick it in time, it will grey out on the pick sheet but they can still pick the later games. Once 1PM EST arrives, every game on the pick sheet that they did not pick greys out and they cannot pick them. Even later games such as the Sunday Night and Monday Night games are greyed out and cannot be picked. 
Question: If a player picks all of his games before the Thursday game could the rest of the league see his picks after the Thursday game goes off? Can the rest of the league see everyone's picks after the 1st game on Sunday?
Answer: A player's future picks cannot be seen until your hard deadline of 1PM EST. After 1PM, then everyone's picks are exposed. That being said, for survivor and play money leagues, you can control whether or not picks for games that have started can be seen by your players before the deadline:

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