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Running Your Tournament Bracket as an Office Pool

A powerful feature of our website is the ability to run your custom tournament bracket as an office pool where people can sign up and submit their own bracket of how they think the teams or participants in the tournament will do. It would be similar to a March Madness bracket pool where pool members submit their 64-team bracket before the start of the NCAA basketball tourney.
Note: If you are looking to run a March Madness pool, you should create a full blown March Madness pool and not use a custom bracket.

After saving the tournament bracket you created using our free Bracket Maker, you'll be given several options. To run your tourney as an office pool, you would select either 'Tournament League' or 'Rankem League' when prompted (for the difference between the two, see this article). Note that you can change the bracket type at any time from the Manager -> Bracket Settings/Control page by clicking the 'Change'  button to the right of Bracket Type.

Tournament Bracket League

Once your tournament league is set up as an office pool, you can adjust pool settings and invite players. As you tournament progresses, you would use the Bracket Settings/Control page to advance the winners as they occur in your tournament. When you advance a winner, the Standings page automatically updates and shows each player's results. After you advance the tournament winner the final standings are computed.
We have a quick tour you can run through to get a feel for how things work. We also have a short 5-minute video that introduces the basics of a tournament bracket office pool.

Step-By-Step Bracket Tournament Guide (for Managers)

The following instructions are for managers running an office pool, using the Manager -> Bracket Settings/Control page.
This guide is is geared toward Tournament/Rankem leagues (office pools)
  1. Convert to the bracket type you want (Standard, Tournament League, Rankem League, Poll).
  2. Set Bracket Control to ‘Configure’.
  3. Set Bracket Size.
  4. Set Bracket Deadline under LEAGUE SETTINGS - BASIC.
  5. Edit the team names to the names of the entities (e.g. playoff teams, players in a ping-pong tournament, etc) you want in your bracket. Simply click on the team name to change it.
  6. Hit 'Save' to preserve your changes. Players can now submit brackets using the 'My Bracket' page up to the league deadline you set (if configured to Tournament, Rankem, or Poll).
  7. Use the Invite Players page to invite friends to join your bracket league or watch the bracket.
  8. After a game or event occurs, select ‘Run’, the type of team advancement (either ‘By Click’ or ‘By Score’) and click to advance the team.
  9. Hit 'Save' to preserve your changes. If configured as a Tournament/Rankem pool, the standings page will be regenerated. If poll, the Results page will be updated.
  10. NOTE: The ‘My Bracket’ page is locked and players cannot submit bracket picks when 1) you advance any team in the master bracket, OR 2) your league deadline is past.

    Advanced Instructions (optional):

  11. Enable clones (players can use their clones to submit additional brackets).
  12. Style your bracket to your liking by configuring colors, theme, team name font size, etc.
  13. Enable/disable tie-breaker. If enabled, provide the text you want displayed on the picks page (e.g. 'Total number of goals scored in playoffs').
  14. Specify round point values, enable bonus points, etc.
  15. Apply prizes to players using the Manager -> Player Accounts page.
Be sure to hit 'Save' to preserve your changes. If configured as a Tournament or Rankem League, your league standings will be recalculated.

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